The Foreigner Legal Representative is Allowed to Download the Electronic Business License

Thursday, 02 July 2020 12:54

Shanghai recently released the new measure that the foreigner legal representative is allowed to download the business license through the email application. It is a brand new measure and provides the convenience to the foreign companies in Shanghai.

Legal Reference

Circular of the State Administration for Market Regulation on Issuing the Administrative Measures for Electronic Business Licenses (for Trial Implementation)

Scope of Application

A market entity, which obtains and downloads its electronic business license for the first time upon its establishment and registration, and which obtains and downloads the electronic business license once again upon a change of registration, shall obtain and download the electronic business license via those whose name is registered at the market regulation authority, i.e. its legal representative (if the market entity is a corporate body or specialized farmers' cooperative), executive partner (a partnership business), investor (a sole proprietorship), operator (individually-owned business) or the person in charge (a branch of enterprises of various kinds).

Requirement of Application

If the legal representative is the foreigner, or the person from China HongKong, China Macau, China Taiwan, he/she can download the E-Business License through the email Application.

Application Procedure

STEP ONE: The legal representative signs the Letter of Confirmation for downloading E-license, and authorizes others to submit this document to the registration authority. The registration authority sends the QR code for downloading E-license in the form of an E-mail to the designated E-mail address of the legal representative, then the legal representative can scan the code to download the E-license.(Scan the QR code to download the guidebook of E-license and the confirming notice for downloading E-license.)


Legal Effect

Business licenses in electronic form shall have the same legal effect as those in paper form and shall become a legal certificate to prove an enterprise's status as a market entity.


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