Shanghai Government Deepen the Reformation on “Delegating Power”, “Streamlining Administration” and “Optimizing Services”

Monday, 11 May 2020 10:50

On April 30 2020, Shanghai government released “the Key Points of 2020 for Deepening the Reformation on Delegating Power, Streamlining Administration and Optimizing Services. The key points covers eight aspects and Shanghai Dongjin finds the below as the main points related to the foreign investment.

  • Support the enterprises resumption after the epidemic period;

Encourage the use of network, video and other technical means to carry out remote identity verification, evaluation and review. For matters that can be handled online, the applicant shall not be required to handle on site. For matters that really required to submit the original paper materials, the notification commitment can be implemented and handled in advance.

  • Continue to deepen the reformation on the administrative approval system;

It will be further reformed on the approval system of administrative examination, investment and engineering construction project examination. The engineering construction project will be submitted through the online application. For small-scale industrial projects and existing construction renovation projects, Shanghai continues to implement the approval reformation as "list + notification commitment system".

  • Further lower the market access;

The pilot "licenses separation" reformation in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone will be launched in the whole city in the late half year of 2020. According to the actual situation of the projects, enterprises in the whole Shanghai can enjoy the optimized approval services as ”directly canceling the approval”, “changing the approval into filing”, and “implementing the notification commitment”.

In order to further implement the fair competition review system, Shanghai will clean up the policies and measures which block the fair market and competition issued before December 31, 2019 regarding to the market access, the qualification, the industrial subsidies and other aspects.

  • Further stimulate innovation and vigor;

China (Shanghai) Intellectual Property Center will be set up to cover the one stop IPR research, confirmation and protection.

  • Strengthening and standardizing post administration;

The government will also actively use “Internet + Administration” and “Double Random and Open Policy”. Shanghai will use big data, internet of things, artificial intelligence to establish and improve relevant risk warning models, strengthen risk warning, research and treatment. The government will also improve the level of regulatory capacity in key areas such as food and medicine.

The government will also speed up the construction of social credit system, and further improve the "blacklist" system of abnormal company list and serious illegal and dishonest list.

  • Continuously improve the service quality and level;

The notary services are to be optimized. The government will promote the new mode of "Internet + notary" services, to accelerate the promotion of electronic notaries, online electronic evidence recording, creditor's rights online enforcement, overseas remote video notarization service and other technologies.

  • Take great power to support the reformation and innovation in the main area, and

The government will support the development of green innovation in the Yangtze River Delta integrated demonstration area.

The government will explore the use of the words "integrated demonstration zone" in the name of enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta integrated demonstration zones, and the enterprises are allowed to independently choose "Shanghai", "Jiangsu" and "Zhejiang" as the administrative divisions of enterprise names.

  • Strengthen the support and guarantee for the reformation.

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