Measures to Optimize the Business Environment

Monday, 11 November 2019 16:39

The Regulations on Optimizing Business Environment (the "Regulations"), have recently been released by the State Council and will take effect from January 1, 2020.


The Regulations cover the following six aspects.


  1. The principles and direction of business environment optimization are made clear. For the purpose of the Regulations, the business environment refers to the relevant institutional mechanism factors and conditions that the market players engaging in the market economic activities.


  1. Market players will be better protected. The Independent Right of Operation, the Property Rights and other legitimate rights shall be protected.


  1. Business climate will be improved. The Regulations set out requirements for an array of measures which include shortening the time frame required for starting businesses, ensuring equal market access, maintaining a level playing field, effectively implementing policies for tax and fee reductions, regulating enterprise-related fee charges, resolving the difficulties in and high costs of financing, and streamlining enterprise deregistration procedures.


  1. The government affair service capacity and the level of government affair services will be enhanced. In this regard, the Regulations call for efforts to promote the development of the national integrated online government affair service platform, cancel unnecessary administrative approval items and improve examination and approval services, optimize the examination and approval procedures for engineering construction projects, regulate agent services in relation to administrative approval items, scrap unnecessary certification items for the convenience of people, enhance cross-border trade facilitation, and establish the enterprise-government communication mechanism.


  1. Regulatory law enforcement will be standardized and innovated. New mode as supervision based on the Principle of “Dual Randomness and One Publicity”, credit Supervision and “internet + supervision” will be implemented


  1. Law-based safeguard measures will be improved. Except with the basis under the laws and regulations, while formulating rules and normative documents, the people’s governments at all levels and relevant departments thereof shall not prejudice the legitimate rights and interests or increase the obligations of market players, set up the conditions for market access and withdrawal, or intervene in normal production and operation activities of market players.

If you want to read the complete article, you can refer to the below link (in Chinese only).


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