Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Platform Economy

Wednesday, 14 August 2019 13:57

The General Office of the State Council recently issued “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Regulated and Healthy Development of the Platform Economy”. Shanghai Dongjin finds below as the main measures in this Opinion which to promote the platform economy.


  1. To optimize and improve market access conditionsand reduce compliance costs;
  • If the operators carry out business activities through e-commerce platforms, the online business places can be used as the registered address for individual business.
  • The mode as “one license with several business addresses” shall be applied for the branches of the platform companies.
  • The restrictions on enterprise name registration in emerging industries will also be moved and the standard description of the business scope for such emerging industries will also be accepted during registration.
  • The conditions and approval procedures for the emerging industry will be optimized, such as the internet vehicle booking and home staying industry.


  1. To innovate the concept and mode of supervision and implement inclusive and prudent supervision;
  • The government will seek for the "Internet + regulation" and maintain fair competition in the market.


  1. To encourage the development of new forms of platform economy and accelerate the cultivation of new growth points;
  • The development of the “internet plus service industry" will support social capital to enter into the new service industry such as online healthcare, education and training, pension, home economics, culture, tourism, sports and etc.
  • The development of the "internet plus production industry" will promote the innovation on the industrial and agricultural production technology.


  1. To optimize the platform economic development environment and consolidate the foundation of the growth of new format ;
  • The governmental will strengthen data sharing between different departments.


  1. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of platform economic participants and strengthen the legal protection of platform economic development.


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