China Government Arrange 2019 Key Work on the Intellectual Property Protection

Tuesday, 18 June 2019 10:25

China Government has recently issued “the Circular on 2019 Key Tasks on Nationwide Crackdown on Intellectual Property Infringements and Production and Sale of Counterfeit and Shoddy Goods” (the "Circular"). The Circular covers six aspects with thirty four tasks. Shanghai Dongjin finds the below as the main points.


Improve the online administration: strictly crack down on illegal acts such as online sales of counterfeit goods and false advertisements; Investigate and handle cases of product quality violations; Improve the administration on the copyright in the online video and music area and on the famous website, as well as for the patent in the e-commerce area.


Improve the comprehensive administration in both rural and urban areas, especially for foods, medicine, small electronic products.


Strengthen the supervision of import and export commodities by road transportation and cross-border e-commerce commodities, and strengthen the intellectual property services and protection at the international exhibitions and fairs.


Improve the protection of intellectual property rights of foreign-invested enterprises: efforts should be made to solve such problems as infringement of trade secrets, malicious registration of trademarks and confusion of trademarks, unfair competition, patent infringement and counterfeiting, network piracy and other infringements, and to increase the punishment power.


Management on the key products as food, automobile parts, special equipments, semiconductors, medical equipments and seriously investigates and punishes quality violations.


The protection of enterprise name right and trademark right should be strengthened in the process of the company name registration.


Strengthen the transfer of clues to cases involving infringement and counterfeiting of taxes, and seriously investigate and deal with relevant tax violations.


Improve the functions of the national credit information platform and the "Credit China" website, and jointly punish those who are seriously dishonest in the field of intellectual property rights (patents).


If you want to read the complete article, you can refer to the below link (in Chinese only).



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