Have You Obtained ICP Records?

Thursday, 11 April 2019 12:45

According to internet information service management measures in China, non-profit websites which publicize company’s’ own products or services should be filed with ICP and obtain ICP records.


After recording, there is a logo at the bottom of the company’s website, for example “Shanghai ICP Record No. ***” or “ICP Record: Shanghai ***”. Please have a look.


For those website who have not properly filed with ICP records, the government may punish for it and even close the website.


The government may confiscate illegal income, impose punishments, close website or even revoke business licenses for those companies who have not obtained ICP licenses.


The punishment records will be open to the public. The bad record will affect the company’s fame, and also cause obstacles in the future business, for example bidding, bank loans, recruitment, application for special licenses, application for foreign employee work visa and etc.


We want to remind you that the government has recently strengthened the supervision on the Company’s’ website.


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