Shanghai Government Further to Optimize the Business Environment

Thursday, 14 March 2019 14:59

Shanghai government recently made the plan on further optimizing the business environment. Shanghai Dongjin finds the below as the main points.

  1. The government will optimize the function of “one-window platform” during the company registration procedure and expand the usage of the digital business license.
  2. The government will further cancel or simplify the approval for construction permit. Such permit will also be applied through the “one-window platform” and the information will be shared between different departments.
  3. The government will have the real estate registration reformed and try best to make it online
  4. The government will improve the work effectiveness and shorten the time for the cross-border trade. The customs will promote the “declaration in advance” and “the customs clearance + logistics combination” and try to make all procedures in digital.
  5. The government will adjust the proportion for housing funds from 5%-7%, subject to the company’s own discretion. Further the procedures and materials for tax matters will be simplified and the application time will be shortened.
  6. The government will have the information shared, especially for company credit, the implementation for the contract, the bankrupt.
  7. The government is to further expand the market for financial, modern service and advanced manufacturing as well as seek for the “early and pilot implementation” among the education, medical, culture, social service, ICP and etc.
  8. Some tax preference policies can be applied on the portal website of Shanghai and the offline window in the administration center at the district level.
  9. Shanghai government is to strengthen the support on the SMEs.
  10. The government will improve of the IPR protection. The registration time for the Trademark will further shortened to six months. The cost for IPR breaching will be increased, while the government will take more support to overseas IPR protection for SMEs.


Shanghai Dongjin will keep a close eye on the details and send you update in the near future.


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