High-quality Development in Logistics to Create Strong Domestic Market

Wednesday, 06 March 2019 10:07

Several departments from the China government have jointly issued the Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development in Logistics to Facilitate the Formation of a Strong Domestic Market (the "Opinions").

Initiatives proposed in the Opinions include the following seven aspects:

  1. Gaining a profound understanding of the significance of the high-quality development in logistics;
  2. Building a network of infrastructure for high-quality logistics;
  3. Boosting the capacity of the high-quality logistics to serve the real economy;
  4. Improving of the internal energy for the development of the high-quality logistics;
  5. Improving the business environment for promoting the high-quality logistics;
  6. Establishment of supporting system for the development of the high-quality logistics;
  7. Improving the policy guarantee system for the development of the high-quality logistics;


The government also makes some main work arrangements for the development of the high-quality logistics.


  1. The Opinions call for pushing ahead the building of a national logistics hubs network. Some cities where infrastructure mature will be selected, at the key stages of building the national network of main logistics arteries, to undertake the construction of the first batch of around 15 national logistics hubs.
  2. The Opinions call for the implement the special actions of efficient distribution in urban and rural areas and the comprehensive demonstration of e-commerce in rural areas.
  3. The Opinions read that further efforts will be made to reduce traffic costs of vehicles and costs of port logistics.
    Support logistics enterprises to carry out service transformation.
  4. In 2019, the approval time of express business operation license will be shortened to less than half of the statutory time limit.
  5. The Opinions call for the innovation of land support policies for the logistics purpose.


The link to the Chinese official website of the Opinion is for your reference.  

The foreign investor may find the business opportunities in this Opinion.



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