Shanghai Government to Promote the Development of E-Commerce and Express Logistics Service

Friday, 01 February 2019 14:04

Shanghai Government will promote the “E-COMMERCE + LOGISTICS SERVICES” and to take out the detailed policies as follows since March 1 2019.


Shanghai Dongjin finds some of the main points as follows.

  1. Set up the international air express hub in Yangtze area;
  2. Ensure that the use of land by warehousing, distribution, delivery and other express logistics-related services meets the overall land use plan and is included in urban and rural planning.
  3. In terms of the use of the existing housing and land resources in stock to develop facilities for e-commerce and express logistics service, provided that the original approved user and planning conditions of the land in question are unchanged, allow the original purpose and rights of such land to remain the same for five years, and then allow the adoption of an agreement if it is necessary to complete the relevant procedures for the continued use of the land after the expiry of the five-year period.
  4. Innovate the approaches for management of public service facilities, make clear the public nature of those smart parcel delivery boxes and integrated service sites on the final delivery end, and provide supporting policies such as ensuring the supply of land for the use by service outlets that provide professional, platform-based, integrated express delivery services to the public.
  5. Encourage express logistics companies to adopt applicable advanced technologies and equipment to improve the levels of automation and specialization of express logistics equipment.
  6. Promote the development of e-commerce parks and express logistics parks in Qingpu district and Pudong Zhuqiao International Modern Express Delivery and Logistics Park to create industrial agglomeration effects and to raise the radiating power of the regional economy.
  7. Encourage warehousing, express delivery and third-party technical service companies to develop smart warehousing and extend their service chains, and e-commerce companies to optimize their supply chain management.
  8. Formulate and implement standards for green packaging and reduced packaging on e-commerce, and popularize the application of green packing technology and materials to facilitate the reduction of packaging used in express logistic service.
  9. Facilitating the passage of delivery vehicles;
  10. Encourage local governments to implement a uniform numbering and identifying system to manage express delivery vehicles, and to take efforts to educate drivers of express delivery vehicles on traffic safety.
  11. Encourage the promotion of smart parcel delivery boxes to be included in convenience services projects, people's well-being projects and other projects, and speed up the overall arrangement of these boxes around neighborhoods, higher education institutions, business centers, subway stations and other terminals.
  12. Optimize and improve the express delivery business licensing management and information system to achieve uniform online processing of items subject to licensing or/and record-filing. Strengthen in-process and ex-post regulation, and push for universal implementation of oversight through inspections by randomly selected inspectors of randomly selected subjects and the public release of inspection results.
  13. Improve the rules on the protection, access and sharing of e-commerce and express logistics data, and establish risk assessment, advance notification and pre-reporting systems for data interrupt and other events. Encourage and guide the exchange and sharing of data between e-commerce platforms and express logistics companies for a joint improvement of delivery service efficiency, provided that the security of consumers' personal information is ensured.
  14. Set up the municipal ecommerce and express delivery credit ranking system and the blacklist. Leverage the self-regulatory role of trade associations to push for the introduction of industry-wide self-regulatory agreements, reinforce the responsibility of corporations as market participants, encourage them to make self-disciplinary commitments, and promote the healthy development of the industries.


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