Application for 2018 National Foreign Economy and Development Special Funds (For Service Trade)

Tuesday, 28 August 2018 10:45

Shanghai Ministry of Commerce and Shanghai Financial Bureau issued the detailed implementation for application 2018 national foreign economy and development special funds (service trade). Shanghai Dongjin finds the below as who can apply for the subsidies.


  1. The companies, training institutions, the associations or research institutions that promote and stimulate the service trade in Shanghai can apply for the subsidies on the fees for their building up (including the purchase fee for equipments and operation and maintenance fees) the service trade public platform;
  2. The companies who cooperated the holding or attended the international show that were held by the government of the provincial or ministerial or higher level regarding the service trade industry can apply for the subsidies for the show attendance fee or construction fees;
  3. The companies who was determined as the entrusted party for studying on the service outsourcing industry can apply for the subsidies;
  4. The companies whose services exported are listed into “the Catalogue for Guidance of Key Service Export Sectors” (exclusive of transportation, travelling, construction and engineering, processing and governmental services) and the project loans are used for promoting the export of innovation services can apply for the interest discount. The companies should have a good record for the exported services on the governmental online system;
  5. The companies whose services imported are listed into “the Catalogue of Encouraged Import of Service” can apply for the interest discount;
  6. The companies who meet the requirement for “the Administrative Measures for the Special Funds for the Development of Foreign Economy and Trade” and have registered its export amount of Year 2018 on the technology trade management information online system can apply for the interest discount if its services registered are regarded as the technology imported business;
  7. The companies who has registered its outsourcing services on the government’s online system (via, such outsourcing services as the international qualification certifying, the training on the new employees, the overseas merger and acquisition, the marketing service for “one belt one road”, the development of researching services, the speeding up for the outsourcing services and the training on the outsourcing talents by the training institutions can apply for the different types of subsidies.


Please take care that the deadline for application is middle September.


Shanghai Dongjin advises the relevant companies can have an internal check whether it can make the application for such special funds and subsides. If you have any question or want to know more information, please contact me.


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