The Government Take Strict Measures on the Fake and Illegal Actions of the Advertisement

Monday, 18 September 2017 10:32

The State Administration Bureau of Industry and Commerce recently issues the work plan on taking strict measures on the fake and illegal actions of the advertisement. This plan is to together work with the other eight governmental departments

  1. the Office of Cyberspace Affairs;
  2. the Public Security, the Administration of Communication;
  3. the Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television;
  4. the Food and Drug Administration;
  5. the Administration Bureau of Chinese Medicine and Drugs;
  6. the Banking Regulatory Commission, and
  7. the Health and Family Planning Commission

Shanghai Dongjin finds the below as the key points of the work.

  1. To strengthen the administration on the advertisement with adverse effect such as with the political sensitivity and orientation;
  2. To take strict measures on the advertisement “specially or exclusively supplied” to the state organs;
  3. To strengthen the governmental power enforcement intensity on the following area: drugs, medical equipment, healthy food, food, medical service which is related to the life security. For those medical institutions who break the advertisement law for over three times within two years, the government can revoke its business license;
  4. To strengthen the administration on the internet finance advertisement. The positive and negative list on the finance adverstiment is to be issued;
  5. To strengthen the administration on the advertisement on the key media such as TV, radio and newspaper.
  6. To keep a close eye on the administration on the internet advertisement, especially for the drugs, medical equipment, food, healthy food, food, medical service, financial and investment, and collection of the antiques;
  7. To push the advertisement publisher to perform the obligation of examination on the advertisement; and
  8. To implement the territorial supervision responsibility and to increase case investigation and management dynamics;

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