Shanghai will Increase 1.5 Million Car Parking Spaces in the Five Years

Friday, 14 July 2017 11:14

A good news was brought to the companies which are involving in the car parking facilities in Shanghai that Shanghai will increase 1.5 million parking lots in the coming five years. Electronic charge system with online management control will be applicable to all operational public parking lots and paid road parking lots. More than half of them can be paid online and had the online parking reservation. The local government will also have 20-30 investors which are specialized in the parking lots to set up their new companies. The parking lots near the communities, hospitals and schools will also be open for temporary parking purpose and have the charging facilities equipped.

Dongjin comments:

It brings the big potential business opportunities to the foreign investors who are involving in the car parking industry.

The foreign investor can involve in the following projects, e.g. professional car parking operation enterprises; intelligent parking lots, online electronic charge  system; parking shared services and share service for charging facilities.

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