Business Opportunities for Fire Protection Industry in China

Friday, 14 July 2017 11:14

It is addressed by China Public Security that from now on to the December this year it will have the official check on the fire-protection systems of the high buildings and make it improved in the national wide.

There are now 3,470,000 high buildings in China which are more than eighth floor and 24 meters. Among them, more than 6,000 are more than 100 meters. China has ranked as the biggest country for high buildings worldwide and it brings the crucial problems on the fire protection systems. It was a historical problem that the flammable temperature protection material was used in the early stage in China for the energy saving purpose with a wide range. As a result, there is a big potential risk when the wall protection goes loose or break and the fire will easily spread to a wide range in the short time. Further, 46.2% of the total high buildings have not set the automatic fire protection facilities and 50% of which set the automatic fire protection facility does not have the proper settings. Most buildings are lack of escape stairs, fire smoke control and extraction system. Most fire trucks in China had the height limitation and can only rescue the fire under 50 meters. As a result, the above problems are the main missions for safety checking of the fire protection this time.

Dongjin comments:

  1. China government pays more attention on the high buildings and the relevant companies shall take the necessary measure.
  2. It also brings the potential business opportunities for the foreign investors, e.g. the fire-protection materials, automatic fire protection facilities, sky lifting cars, fire protection water guns, emergency lights, smoke alarm systems and monitors on the fire.
  3. Foreign investors involving in the above industries shall positively contact the China companies for the potential business opportunity.

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