Observation: Shanghai has become the Gathering Place for Chinese Financial Leasing Industry

Wednesday, 05 July 2017 15:43

According to the latest data from Shanghai leasing industry commission issued on 30th June 2017 that in the Year 2011, there are only 82 financial leasing companies in Shanghai with the asset as CNY120 billion. However, the number for the financial leasing companies in Shanghai has been increased to 2089 with the asset as 1200 billion till the year end 2016. Shanghai takes 30% that of the national number.

Among those 2089 financial leasing companies in Shanghai, 18 are local companies and 2064 are foreign invested companies. 130 financial leasing companies had their headquarters located in Lujiazui area which assets taking 50% of the total Shanghai proportion. Waigaoqiao area was also taking its advantage of bonded services and has 1524 financial companies registered there with the leased asset in the bonded area around 501.5 billion. The industry for financial leasing covers the aerospace, shipment, industrial machinery, medical equipment, new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection, infrastructure and personal consuming industry.

Shanghai has become the gathering place for the China financial industry.

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