Manufacturing Permits were Further Delegated or Cancelled

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 16:31

It is passed by the standing committee of the State Council on 14th June 2017 that some manufacturing permit will be further delegated to the local authority or even cancelled.

The manufacturing permits which used to be applied before the production, but the government now thinks that they can control through the post administration, such as that for the pipe, batteries and other 19 kinds of products, are cancelled;

For the products which are close to the daily life and directly related to the human health and safety, such as the electric blanket, motorcycle helmets and other products shall be applicable to the Compulsory Certification in accordance with international rules and no longer under the production license approval system.

The state council further delegated the manufacturing permits of eight types of products such as the chemical fertilizer to the local quality inspection authority because it can make a more close administration on it in an effective way.

The certification before the issuance of the manufacturing permits will also be cancelled. The company is required to make the commitment to the quality and safety of the products. The company is also to provide the product inspection report issued by the qualified inspection bureau. However, if during the post administration, the company is found not qualified, the government can revoke the manufacturing permit.

Finally, the government will strengthen the administration afterwards. The government will increase the frequency and expand the coverage via the random inspection, especially on those products which permits are cancelled.

Thus, it brings more responsibility for the company’s internal control on the daily operation and risk control.

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