The Largest and the Most Advanced Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Site in Shanghai Has Been Set up

Friday, 19 May 2017 09:59

The German-headquartered phamra company as BOEHRINGER Ingelheim has officially launched the first phase of its 70 million euros (US$77 million) biopharmaceutical manufacturing site in Zhangjiang High-tech Park. It became the first of its kind by a multinational pharmaceutical company in China which aims to bolster the manufacturing capability and also serve innovative drug start-ups or companies that are not capable of setting up their own manufacturing facilities, reducing their capital pressure.

In the November 2015, the State Council has unveiled a Marketing Authorization Holder trial program in 10 provinces and municipalities, allowing companies registered in these cities to outsource their manufacturing while the intellectual property right still stays with the creator of the new drug. In the February 2016, the German-headquartered phamra company is also selected as one of the first companies to be included in China's biopharma contract manufacturing organization (CMO) pilot project, allowing domestic and overseas drug companies to outsource their manufacturing and early-phase R&D work to eligible third parties.

The joint venture, partnered with Shanghai Zhangjiang Biotech and Pharmaceutical Base Development Co Ltd, is also expected to enhance the core competitiveness of China’s biopharmaceutical industry.

Dongjin comments:

The biopharmaceutical industry has the big potential market in China. In December 2016, the state development and reform commission suggested the aim and task for the China biopharmaceutical industry in the coming five years that is to speed up the new drug innovation and industrialization. It is estimated that the scale for China biopharmaceutical industry will enlarge 20% year on year and at the end of Year 2017, its main business income will reach 100 billion. It brings the good news to foreign mature biopharmaceutical companies to enter into the China market.

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