Official Analysis on Foreign Investment in Shanghai in the Year 2016

Saturday, 04 February 2017 11:41

From the official calculation from Shanghai Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”), in the YEAR of 2016, there are 5153 newly establishment foreign investment cases. The use of foreign capital reached USD 50.978 billion. The injected foreign capital reached USD 18.514 billion which took as 15% of the national number. The trend for the foreign investment was changed in Shanghai in the below aspects.


  • The leasing and business service industry has replaced the real estate industry and became the biggest industry for using the foreign capital.
  • There was a big increasing for high technology’s using the foreign capital. In the Year of 2016, the injected capital for high technology reached 1.259 billion which was increased 60.9% year on year. There were more investment in the new electronic equipments, new energy and new material area.
  • Shanghai is continuously the hottest city in Mainland China for international companies’ setting up the regional headquarter. In the Year 2016, there are 45 regional headquarters and 15 research centers newly established in Shanghai.
  • The investment from European countries and Japan is recovering.
  • Since the taking out the filing-recording policy, during the October to December 2016, Shanghai MOC completed 6530 filing-recording cases, among which 1517 were for the newly-establishment and 5013 for the changing formalities.
  • With the opening policies in the Free Trade Zone, there were the successful cases for foreign investor’s setting up the new kinds of companies, such as the training institution in Shanghai FTZ. The actual injection of foreign capital in Pudong New Area was increased 18.8% year on year.
  • Moreover, based on the research from the Shanghai MOC, the turnover for foreign invested enterprise in Shanghai was increased 4.7% year on year and the profit was increased 10.7%.


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