Official Statistics on Retailing Industry in Shanghai

Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:02

We learn the official statistics till the end of Year 2016 from Shanghai Ministry of Commerce, 180 of 340 global cross border retailing companies has entered into the Shanghai market.


Currently, there are around 7200 supermarkets and retailing stores, 15 municipal business centers, 30 districted business centers, 67 specialized business blocks, 960 big food markets and 1000 community food markets in Shanghai.


In the Year 2015, Shanghai has become the second city in China whose total consuming amount was more than 1000 billion. During January to November 2016, the total amount for consuming products in Shanghai reached 996.5 billion which was increased 7.8% year on year.


Shanghai also attracts the foreign travelers and has become the new “paradise for shopping”. During January to November 2016, there are 7.86 millions foreign travelers in Shanghai. The amount of tax refunding cases were around 166,000 with the sales amount as RMB236 million.


Dongjin Comments:

  1. The market in Shanghai is continuously increasing these year for the retailing industry. Shanghai is a city of inclusiveness and the people are willing to buy the middle and high end consuming products.
  2. As a result, it is more suitable for the middle and high end consuming products companies to set up the retailing shop, involving in the online retailing or franchising in Shanghai.


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