Updates on the Work Permit Reformation

Wednesday, 07 December 2016 11:58

We wrote an article on the new work permit policy as “Ranking Policy will be Applicable to the Foreigner’s Work Permit” in the beginning of November. We collected more detailed information and now sharing with you as follows.


  • During November 2016 to March 2017, for any renewal of the valid work visa, it can be applicable to the former policy.
  • If the foreign employee is now out of China and wants to apply for the new work visa, since November 2016, he/she shall apply for it according to the new policy.
  • The work bureau will accept the body-check report issued by the entrusted foreign medical institution and it should be legalized by the China embassy or consulate. However, it is still pending whether this foreign report is also accepted by the local immigration bureau.
  • Under the new policy, the foreign employee will have his/her own IC card as the new work permit. There will be a unique code on this card and for this foreign employee’s whole career life in China. It will record his/her working experience in China and take is as his/her credit record.
  • Since 1st April 2017, the credit of the company will also affect the credit of the foreign employee. If the company is listed on the faithless list, the foreign employee will hardly obtain the work permit under this company.
  • Individual income tax proof will become a basis for ranking.
  • Since the formal implementation of the new policy, for any change on the company, nationality and position, the foreign employee should firstly cancel his/her current work permit and then apply for a new one.
  • The new policy is not applicable to the HK, Macau and Taiwan employee.
  • For now, Class C program is only applicable to the China-France internship program.


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