Shanghai Government is Setting Up the Special Funds for Supporting the Development in the Lingang Area

Monday, 29 August 2016 09:57

On 23rd August 2016, Shanghai Government introduced its opinion on the support the further development Lingang area. It was pointed out that the “double special” policy as “the special system” and “the special policy” is to applicable in the Lingang area during Year 2016-2018 and the special funds will be also set up for its development. Shanghai Dongjin found the main points as follows.


  1. Special funds will be established in Lingang area
  • RMB10 billions as the integrated circuit equipment materials funds;
  • RMB5 billions as the intelligent manufacturing industry funds;
  • RMB2 billions as the marine industry development funds;
  • RMB10 billions as the venture capital guiding funds;
  • RMB50 millions (each year) as the intelligent manufacturing special funds;
  • For projects involving in the intelligent manufacturing of the fundamental infrastructure construction and service application, a maximum of RMB3 millions may given to each project;
  • For projects involving in the new information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials and other strategic emerging industries, a maximum of RMB100 millions may given to each project;
  • For projects involving in the energy saving, a maximum of RMB10 millions may given to each project;


  1. The following industries are encouraged to be invested in Lingang area

New energy equipment; automotive parts; the key parts of the ship; marine engineering; construction machinery; civil aviation and strategic emerging industries


  1. Other favorable policies on the talents
  • If the company is identified as R&D innovation platform, such as the key supporting companies, labs, engineering technology centers, its leaders and main team member, as well as the senior technicians, chief technicians, or who have the title as “Shanghai Craftman” may enjoy the special subsidy as RMB1,500 for each person;
  • If the project is identified as “Experienced teacher teaches the apprentice”, a maximum of RMB300,000 will be given as the supporting funds;
  • If the company was set up the work station for academicians and doctors, a maximum of RMB3 millions will be given as the supporting funds.


Dongjin comments: if the foreign investor will involve in the above encouraged industry, Lingang area will be a good choice for their location.


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