Visa Policy Updates in July 2016

Tuesday, 19 July 2016 15:44

Chinese government is putting more attention on the supervision and management on the work visa for the foreigners since Year 2015. We are concluding some policy updates as follows.


  • Since 1st July 2016, the original letter for over 2-year working experience should be submitted when the foreigner applies for the work permit.


  • Since 1st May 2016, for the foreign student who was graduated at the master or above degree in Shanghai high schools and is now employed by the companies registered in Shanghai FTZ or Zhangjiang Hitech Park, who also has the compulsory techniques for the job, can apply work visa directly (no longer required 2-year working experience).


  • Since April 2016, the company card for employment should be submitted during the application for the work permit for a new foreign employee (it will take more 5-15 working days for obtaining such company card).


  • Since January 2016, for foreigner who gets the new passport, he/she should move his/her resident permit to the new passport within 1 month. Any delay or miss will cause the bad record/ the penalty on him/her.


  • Since December 2015, for HK, Macau, Taiwan person and overseas Chinese who wants to apply for the work visa, they are no longer required to provide the body check report.


  • Since November 2015, for the general manager or vice general manager who wants to apply for the work visa, they are no longer required to provide the appointment letter and articles of association.


  • Since October 2015, the stricter requirement was addressed by the local immigration bureau that once the foreigner applies for the change of the company at the local labor bureau, he/she needs to apply for cancellation his/her current resident permit and changing it into 1-month 0 time M visa.


Dongjin comments: The local officer pays more attention on the correct use of VISA, especially for the person who is actually working but with the business/tourist/student visa or even an expired visa. Further, it is also to be challenged if the foreigner work for company A but holds a work visa under company B’s name.


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