Reformation for Exhibition Industry in Shanghai

Monday, 20 June 2016 10:38

Shanghai government issued “The implementation opinion regarding to the promotion of the development of exhibition industry in Shanghai” in the beginning of May. We study the policy and learn the following points.


Purpose: Shanghai is to become the city of international shows and exhibitions but it met the obstacle for development during these years.


Current situation:

In Year 2015, there are totally 851 shows and exhibitions were held, among which 292 were the international shows. The exhibited areas were reaching 15.13 million square meters, among which the international show took 74.3% as 11.24 million square meters. The data increased 88.2% than that of Year 2010. Currently, Shanghai has 13 specialized exhibition halls which can provide around 1 million square meters exhibition areas.


The Goal till Year 2020: Make Shanghai as the city of international show and make the show become the world leading standard.


The detailed measure:

  1. Build the advanced public service system;
  2. Strengthen the core competition ability for the exhibition industry;
  3. Make the market fair, transparent and high-effective;
  4. Complete the supporting policies to the exhibition industry, mainly in financial, security, custom, talent areas.;


Dongjin comments:

The goal of Shanghai exhibition industry is continue to improve the market standard for the exhibition industry and make it more and more specialized. Shanghai is to collect a number of internationally famous show companies, to introduce a number of international leading levels of brand exhibition, and to vigorously develop the service of exhibition industry.

Although comprehensive international exhibitions have entered the Chinese market, there are a lot of opportunities for foreign investors to introduce in the professional of exhibitions. Small but exquisite professional exhibition attracts more professionals, the market prospect is optimistic.

At the same time, with the development of Shanghai exhibition industry, the hardware condition of Shanghai exhibition industry has basically reached the international advanced level. However, the relevant supporting service is not very good and it has also the opportunities for the foreign investor in the professional exhibition supporting services.


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