AIC Bureau and Tax Bureau Clear the Non-operational Company

Monday, 06 June 2016 09:50

The state AIC bureau and tax bureau together issued the notice for the working arrangement to clear the long term non-operational company.


The target company is who did not file the annual report or make the tax filing for the consistent two years.


The ways for clearance are as follows.

  1. If the company is contactable, the government will push it to make the annual report and tax filing;
  2. If the company has recorded the liquidation group or under the bankrupt procedure, it should not be deemed as the target company;
  3. If the company is not found at the registered address and hard to contact it, further, it is found not making the tax filing for the consistent two years, the AIC can revoke its business license according to Article 211 in the Company Law.


Such penalty as revoking the business license will be published on the enterprise credit system as well as the AIC official website.


Dongjin comments:

We advise that even if the company has no business operation, it must have monthly tax filing and make the annual report on time. If the company has no financial staff to handle this matter, Dongjin can be entrusted for taking care of such matter.


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