Some Opinions on New Laws for the Management on the Overseas Non-Government Organization

Tuesday, 31 May 2016 10:57

We introduced to you the new laws for the management on the overseas NGO recently and now want to share some more opinions on it.

China government wants to continue the use of “double management system” to control NGOs in China, and solve the long-term problem that it is hard for NGOs finding the right registration authority.

This new law also grants the public security to take compulsory administrative measures: interviews with the chief representative and other person-in-charge; on-site inspection; make enquiry on the relevant person; check, copy or seal up the relevant information; seize and detain; freezing of bank accounts. On the other hand, other competent authorities such as national security, foreign affairs, finance, financial supervision, customs, taxation, foreign experts and anti money laundering has also the power to administrate on the NGOs in China.

However, as agreed as the international standard, the proposed NGOs which can be registered in China should not engage in or for-profit activities, political activities, nor to engage in illegal or funding support religious activities.

Dongjin comments:

We understand that because the lack of the detailed regulations, the previous NGOs access China through representative office and WOFEs. The government did not take strong administrative method to control it.

Due to the implementation of this new law, it gives the government a legal basis that to clear the previous NGOs in the wrong form. Thus, we advise the relevant NGOs to correct the activities and take the legal way for registration so that it can be operated in China for a long time. 

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