Trend for Custom Reformation

Friday, 27 May 2016 13:13

The leading international meeting among the custom industry as IFCBA was recently held in Shanghai. During the meeting, the chief of the China Customs delivered a good news that the national custom clearance reformation will start the pilot in Shanghai and expects to realize all over China in Year 2020.

The trend for reformation is “Making the custom declaration at one time but handled the details step by step”. After the reformation, the company will be required for making the custom declaration for only one time. The port customs will firstly verify the nature for access such as the name of goods, quantity, the restriction and etc. After excluding the risk for the access, the company will pay the duty or may ask for the release the goods by the guarantee to the customs. After then, the competent custom will verify the goods classification, price and country of origin and other tax attributes. The custom will strengthen their supervision, verification and inspection afterward to control the duty collection and management work

Further, the way for duty collection and management will also be reformed. It is learnt from the internal that the enterprise will positively apply for the classification, price, country of original according to the laws and regulations and calculate the duty, make the payment and print the tax forms.

Dongjin comments:

After the reformation in Shanghai, the custom clearance must be speed up. It is good news for trading, logistics, or imported accessories processing companies. The potential clients which involving in such industry can pick up the company location in Shanghai for the purpose of enjoying benefits, gaining more business opportunities and taking a good position in the market.

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