Travel Industry Becomes the Chinese Economic Growth Point

Thursday, 19 May 2016 15:58

It is mentioned during 2016 China tourism industry investment and financing conference that the scale of China's tourism investment continues to expand and the direct tourist investment is expected to reach 1.25 trillion in this year and with an expectation that by 2020, the total tourism investment of 2 trillion. We found the trend for the tourism industry as follows.

  1. The rapid growth of private investment

It was published on the 2015 national tourism investment report that 2015 China tourism investment reached 1007.2 billion RMB which increased as 42%. There are 185 tourism projects which investment was more than 10 billion. Private capital takes the great proportion in the national tourism investment.

  1. The growth of the new area in the tourism industry

Cruise and forest tourism was growth as the new area among the tourism industry, which increased respectively 142.7% and 103.6%, compared with the same period that in the last year. Rural tourism, industrial tourism, marine tourism, low altitude tourism, sports tourism and so on are growing rapidly, and with the increase more than 50%.

  1. The trend for local tourism enterprises to invest overseas

Chinese tourism enterprises want to make the overseas investment and become stronger through the merging the overseas companies. The famous local Jinjiang Group had over 8.3 billion strategic investment in Plateno hotel group and has become the biggest hotel group in China; BTG group invested 11 billion and merged Home Inn group, and has become the second big hotel group in China.

Dongjin comments:

The tourism consuming market in China is quite big and the service in the tourism industry is not good. We suggest that the foreign investor can pay attention and involve in the area which can improve the service standard in China, such as tourism franchising, hotel management, food and beverage, the training for the tourism service provider as well as the technical support.

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