The Potential Opportunities for Foreign Investor Involving in the Logistics Services

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 09:18

Several Chinese governmental authorities issue the regulation as Fagaijingmao [2016] No.433 together for the work instructions on strengthens the development for the logistics industry.


The main missions

1.     Improve the construction on delivery facility in the village and complete the rural logistics network;

2.     Encourage the construction on logistics facility for agricultural products and make it fit to the modern level;

3.     Strengthen the construction  on the delivery facility in the city: set up the delivery destination (e.g. intelligence express boxes) in the communities, local governments, schools and commercial zones, as well as take full use of the supermarkets;

4.     Improve the effectiveness for transferring of the goods and have the good combination for the last kilometer between the different transportations;

5.     Introduce “Internet plus” into the logistics industry;

6.     Improve the issuance and revision the standard for the logistics industry.


At the same time, the government should provide the following good policies to ensure the mission completion

1.     Issue the favorable policies in the investment, tax and financial, land point of view;

2.     Expand the financing channel for the logistics industry;

3.     Set up the green channel on the main projects;


Dongjin Comments:

1.    Although the competition in China is very fierce but it is mainly for the low-end;

2.    There is the big potential market for the specialized logistics market in China and it is not mature for the local logistics companies, e.g. such industry as food, medical, high-end consuming products, artworks, valued products.

3.    There are the big commercial opportunities for foreign invested companies to involving in the specialized logistics services.


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