The Central Government Pushes the Local to Further Delegate Powers

Friday, 22 January 2016 19:11

The Chinese prime minister, Mr. Li Keqiang made the work arrangement on the executive meeting of the state council on 13th Jan 2015. Dongjin learns and lists the following main points.


1.     Further cancel the approval matters – e.g. tax assessment;

2.     Further cancel the administrational approval which restricts the company’s business starting and innovation;

3.     Cancel the agents who was appointed and entrusted by the government;

4.     Combine the public hygienic license into the food operation license, especially for the restaurant, café, bar, teahouse;

5.     Further to cancel the career qualification – e.g. automobile seller, barista, registered HR manager;

6.     Improve the identification method for high technology enterprise and let more SMEs enjoying the policies: (1) the requirement will be lower. For example, the proportion for the technicians will be decreased 20%, from 30% to 10%; the required proportion for R&D expense for small companies will decreased 1%, from 6% to 5%; the requirement for obtaining IPR in three years or exclusive technology more than five years will also be cancelled. (2) The time requirement for announcement will be cut down; (3) the kind of key high technology will be adjusted from time to time.   


Dongjin believes it will definitely easier for foreign investors to invest in China.


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