A Lesson for the Local Snack Shop

Friday, 22 January 2016 19:10

Fang Fulin has three snack shops in Hangzhou and sells local famous snacks as chestnut roasted with sugars and melon seed. It is famous and popular with Hangzhou people because their tastes are very good. However, recently, the boss received the punishment notice for he was breaking the new advertisement law and the penalty will be RMB200, 000. The notice was issued by Hangzhou Westlake Market Administrative and Management bureau Beishan branch and we learnt the details of this case and the main points for such large punishment. The authority received a claim for the shop that it was suspected the breaching the advertisement law. The officers came to the shop for investigation and took the evidence. The officers found inside and outside the shop, the boss used the word as “the best”, as well as on their package bags. Fang has three shops and he also sells the food via online shop and it cause the serious and large effect for breaching the advertisement law. But even for this case, RMB200, 000 is the lowest number for penalty and the maximum goes to 1 million as well as cancelled the business license.


Dongjin suggested the company should have the professionals to study the new advertisement law carefully and check their marketing material again and again. Under the public supervision, the company will pay too much for any breaching the laws.


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