The Foreign Invested Capital Used in Shanghai Reaches a New High Record

Thursday, 14 January 2016 12:14

In the past 2015, Shanghai continued its 16 growth for using the foreign invested capital year by year and reached USD 18.459 billion. The actual usage of foreign investment in Shanghai's service industry reached USD15.938 billion, accounting for 86.3% of the paid-in foreign capital. The usage of foreign investment in the trading, leasing and business services industry had the steady growth. The usage of foreign investment in the financial leasing, internet plus were increased rapidly (the growth was more than 70%). The actual usage of foreign investment in the health care, pension, tourism, cultural industry has become increasingly active. The actual use of foreign investment in the manufacturing industry reached US 2.49 billion  (the growth was 42.8%) and accounting for 13.5% of the paid-in foreign capital. The use of foreign investment in the field of chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, electronic equipment manufacturing was significantly increased.


More and more international companies picked up Shanghai as their core of the global strategy. Further, they continue to explore the functions of trade and R&D. Last year, the newly set up regional headquarters of international companies was 45, among which Henkel, NXP, Ashland and other 15 enterprises set up their regional headquarters in Asia Pacific region. The new investment company was 15. Till the end of Year 2015, the cumulative regional headquarters for the international in Shanghai reached 535 and investment companies reached 312. Shanghai has become the largest city in mainland China for international companies to set up regional headquarters. At the same time, Shanghai government also encouraged to set up foreign R & D center for the purpose of the construction of Shanghai science and technology innovation center. Last year, 15 foreign R&D center such as Fresenius medicine and SMIC were introduced into Shanghai and the total number reached 396.

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