China Has Executed and Implemented Fourteen Free Trade Agreements

Monday, 11 January 2016 10:20

Till the end of Year 2015, China has executed and implemented fourteen free trade agreements, which covers twenty two countries and areas over Asia, Latin America, Oceania and Europe. The relevant countries and areas involves in ASEAN, Korea, Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, Iceland, Switzerland, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan. Especially, in the Year 2015, China government made the following achievements.


  • Successfully entering into the free trade agreement with Korea. This agreement took effect on 20th Dec 2015 and was taken as the one with the largest trade turnover. The scope of free trade covers seventeen aspects including the trading of goods, service, investment and principles, even the new topics as e-commerce, competition policies and government procurement. At the same time, the parties also agree to continue the service trade negotiations based on the mode of negative list.  

  • Successfully entering into the free trade agreement with Australia. This agreement also took effect on 20th Dec 2015. Based on this agreement, Australia became the first country who opens the door to China with the negative list.

  • Further the agreement with ASEAN and RCEP has also achieved big progress in the Year 2015. The China government also carried forward the negotiation with Korea and Japan on the setting up a free trade zone, with Sri Lanka, Maldives and Georgia as well as started the second round negotiation with Pakistan and Singapore.

    Dongjin believes the door for trading and service in the China market will become wider in the near future.


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