The Great Potential Market for Medical Device in China

Tuesday, 15 December 2015 12:35

With the development of IT technology, the traditional medical solution changes a lot. However, in China, the fact is that most advanced medical resources are in the first and second tier cities. To solve this problem, the overseas investors in the medical device industry saw the great potential in the China market. Actually, with the new technology, some diseases can be treated at home with the help of medical appliance, for example, the headache, heart-beat control and oxygen supply.


Recently, the world leading medical device brand as “XNUO” held a press conference and showed their formal entrance the China market with the “intelligence touching sphygmomanometer”, “XNUO oxygen generator” and “mute compress atomization device”. Xnuo hope their intelligent device will bring the more convenient medical solutions.


Dongjin comments: we saw actually, lots of foreign investors involving in the medical device industry saw the opportunities in the China and entered into the Chinese market these two years. At the same time, the requirement of the application for the medical devices operation qualification became much easier than before. It shows the Chinese government opens the door for this industry. However, the investors should also take the good care of business operation in China and the Chinese officers actually pay much attention on its administration.


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