Random Check on the Quality for Product for online Transaction

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 10:16

With the development of the internet, online transaction becomes more and more popular. Thus, the government is going to pay much attention on its administration on this matter. Recently, the State Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce issues Gongshang Xiao Zi `2015` No.189 to its subsidiary authorities on its detailed opinion to improve the random check on the quality for product for online transaction. We are listing the main points as follows.



  • The competent AIC at the municipal/provincial level is responsible for the random check on the registered companies involing in the online selling and was registered in its jurisdiction;
  • The competent AIC at the municipal/provincial level is also responsible for check on the third party online platform which are located in its jurisdiction. 


The work guide

  • The sample product is obtained through the online transactions. After receiving the products, the purchaser, the inspection staff and the officer from AIC will together open the product, save the inspection sample as well as inform of the operator for online products. The process for the collection of the evidence should have the video recording or printing the screen.
  • The officer will inform of the inspection result within five working days once they receive the result. If it fails to pass the inspection, the officer will also inform the product manufacturer. If the product was collected via online platform, the online platform operator will also be informed.
  • The re-checking can be applied within fifteen days after receiving the inspection result.



  • The inspection result will be published to the public;
  •  For the products failed to pass the inspection, it should stop selling at once. The third party platform should also delete or shield the online shop;
  •  If the third party online platform involves in the illegal activities, the competent AIC will pursue its legal responsibility.
  • AIC will make penalty on the unqualified or fake products as well as record the illegal action into the online system and show it to the public.


Further the third party online platform operation is also responsible for controlling and management the online seller. It should give full support to the authorities.


Dongjin comments: the relevant companies should make the good internal control and be well-prepared for any governmental checking.

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