List for the Recent Changes on Pre or Post approval for WOFEs

Wednesday, 04 November 2015 11:22

According to the sprit from the central government, the registration procedures go easier. Most companies can apply for the business license at first and then apply for the special licenses among the industry during the operation. Recently the central further listed the list for the companies which is applying for this policy as mentioned in the document named as Guofa (2015) No.62. Shanghai Dongjin is listing the key items related to the WOFEs.


  • Foreign invested telecom company;
  • Foreign invested company involving in exploitation mineral resources;
  • Foreign invested company involving in circulation of product oil;
  • Sino-foreign cooperative or joint venture involving in the operational performance agent;
  • Foreign invested company involving indisc copying;
  • Foreign invested travel company: the competent authority was delegated to the municipal level;


For the following items, it still required for applying special license before applying for the business license.

  • Foreign invested company/JV/Sino-foreign cooperative venture involving in packing decoration print;
  • Setting up the representative office for the foreign bank;


The local government will pay more attention on the company’s operation and it requires for the company have a good risk and legal control.


Because the government changes the policies frequently, if the foreign investor want to set up WOFE in the special industries, you can contact me for the latest policy.

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