Deregistration Goes Easier?!

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 13:37

Recently the state Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued a notice for implementation simple deregistration procedures and making the pilot reformation in several district and cities. You may learn the below points for such simple deregistration procedures as well as our comments.


1.     The pilot district or cities: (1) Shanghai Pudong New Area; (2) Jiangsu Yancheng city; (3) Zhejiang Ningbo city; (4) Guangdong Shenzhen city; (5) Tianjin city (6) Inner Menggu.


2.     The companies applicable for this policy: the limited liability companies or partnership companies are established no longer than three years, never operated or having no rights and liabilities to the third party and not putting on the abnormal operation list.

Dongjin Comments: company limited by shares, foreign invested companies, non-corporation legal entity, Individual Proprietorship Enterprises and all kinds of branches DO NOT applicable for this procedure.


3.     Deregistration procedures and timeline: (1) online information announcement (10 working days); (2) submit the application documents to the registration authority (5 working days to get the approval);

Dongjin Comments: the company may require providing the audit report or other document to prove that it meets the simple deregistration requirements.


4.     Legal liability: if the company provide untrue materials or obtained the approval for deregistration by cheating, the relevant party can claim the right through the civil proceedings or apply for the solution at the competent registration authority.

Dongjin Comments: the legal right of the staffs and creditor should be protected.


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