New Idea for the Development of Retailing Business

Saturday, 10 October 2015 13:37

With the fast development of the internet, it brings a great impact on the traditional retailing business. In such critical situation, we found that Uniqlo, as a famous Japanese brand for retailing of clothing and accessories keep increasing their profit. We may learn from its new ideas for the development of retailing business.


“LifeWear” Attitude

Although the modern people can do more via internet, the people still need the real “interaction” with each other. It is what the internet cannot bring to the new life. Uniqlo pays attention to the “specialty” in the different cities. For example, in Beijing, the people focus on the culture and quality and as a result, for Uniqlo’s retail store in Beijing, they will focus on the designed T-shirts and Polo shirts. But, in the West China, the people focus on the natural and ethnic clothing. Uniqlo will combine their brand concept with the local ethnic culture.


Mobilize and Connect

Uniqlo also develops the E-commerce idea with the SNS. In the big cities in China, Uniqlo set the special mirror in some flagship stores. The customer can wear the clothing and choose the different virtual scene. For example, Uniqlo cooperated with Walt Disney recently and set up a “MAGIC FOR ALL” concept store in Shanghai. In this store, the customer can interacted with the popular Cartoon characters as well as tailor make their clothing. It brings the fun to the shopping. Further, for those customers who are not convenient to go to the stores, they can also get the dressing advice via Wechat.



If the traditional concept for O2O mainly focuses on the offline feeling, Uniqlo wants to break the restriction for time and space and let people have the “LIFEWEAR” any time anywhere.


Dongjin Comments:

It is compulsory for the traditional retailing business have a much modern way for the development, mainly in the following aspects.

  • To Cooperate between the different brands;
  • To make your store personalization;
  • To have the creative idea for connecting the online with the offline;
  • To provide the tailor-made service;

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