How to Use Absolute Terms under the New Advertisement Law

Wednesday, 30 September 2015 18:21

Since the new advertisement law takes effective, the company will have a misunderstanding that all “absolute terms” cannot be used. We will remind you of the below points to judge whether the absolute terms (e.g. “the first", "the only", "the best") can be used. 


1.     You should prove the accuracy for your using this “absolute terms”. However, in the current market, the company can hardly guarantee its services or products always keep at the highest level. In this situation, the terms “the national level”, “the highest level” and “the best” can barely used because it will mislead the consumers.


2.     You should indicate clearly the scale or scope of the “absolute terms”. If such terms as “top level”, “the highest”,”the largest”, “the first published in the world” cannot be proved according to the fact, it should be prohibited against using.


3.     As a result, the ”absolute terms” can only be used when (1) within the actual “scale/scope” , and (2) have the full and complete evidence for proving it.


4.     Further, the officer ever mentioned in the below three situations, the “absolute terms” can be used as adjectives. (1) used for the same brand or within the same group or used as the product description internally in the group; (2) to show the company attitude or goal; and (3) as part of the fixed terms.  


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