Further FAQ to the Integration Several Certificates into the Only One

Tuesday, 22 September 2015 09:19

For the purpose to “combine three license into one” and as the preparation job for “one license and one code”, recently, Shanghai Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce issued an internal notice: from 18 Sep to 7 Oct 2015, it stopped the acceptance for the application for the new establishment and from 23 Sep to 7 Oct 2015, it stopped the acceptance for the application for the change (filing) and deregistration.


From 8 Oct, the new application form will be applicable. When to file the change (filing) formalities, the organization code certificate and tax registration certificate will be also provided.


Please see below FAQ regarding this new business license.


Q1: What is the “unique social credit code”?

A1: Each company will have one unique code and such code is composed by 18 numbers. This code will be use to trace the activities of the company and even after companies’ deregistration, the record can still be traced.


Q2: What kinds of company will be applicable for the new license?

A2: Enterprise, rural association and their branch. The self-employed enterprises are excluded.


Q3: What is the transitional period?

A3: Till 31 Dec 2017 (corrected the mistake in our former issues as “31 DEC 2015”)


Q4: How to change the new business license?

A4: (1) when you make the change (filing) formalities at the local AIC, you submitted the three licenses and change the new one; or (2) you apply for the new license directly at the local AIC but need to return the current business license, organization code certificate and tax certificate. It is free of charge.


Q5: What should the company do if any of the current three licenses is lost?

A5: The company should make the announcement for the missing license on the newspaper and submit a written statement to the local AIC.


Q6: What should the company do if it only gets the business license and will still go on for the application the organization code certificate and tax certificate?

A6: The Company can submit a written statement for not getting the organization code certificate and tax certificate and be responsible for its authenticity and then can apply for the new business license.


Q7: Is there any written proof for the Companies changing the former “registration number” to the “unique social credit code”?

A7: The Company can apply for a written proof for such changes at the AIC.

Q8: for the new establishment companies, is there any change on the application documents?

A8: yes, the new checklist and the application form can be downloaded from the official website of SAIC (


Q9: How to deal with the deregistration case?

A9: If the company has changed to the new business license, the company should make tax clearance application at first and then bring tax deregistration certificate to the local AIC for the AIC deregistration. But during the transitional period, if the company did not change the new business license, it will applicable for the original deregistration procedure.


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