How to Find a Reliable Consulting Company?

Monday, 31 August 2015 11:38

When foreign companies make the investment in China, they will consider finding a professional company to discuss the way of investment and how to set up its subsidiary in China. Moreover, they will find a local filing agent to get all licenses before they can initiate their business. However, there are many consulting companies among the market and how to find a qualified one is very important to the successful investment. We need to remind you of the below points when you choose a local consulting company.


1.     To judge its qualification

Some company makes good promotion materials and says that it can provide all kind of services. But please pay attention that its service ability shall be mentioned on its business license or even some services will be provided subject tothe special license (e.g. the book-keeping service, the research service). We advise you can ask for the proposed agent to show you its business license, approval certificate or special license and then judge its real qualification for the relevant service. Moreover, the establishment date on its business license will also tellyou its experiences in this industry.


2.     To judge its service ability

You may judge it from its professional service and its company size.

Professional service: you need to consider the below question

  • Whether its main consulting services are related to the foreign direct investment?
  • Whether the company can provide the legal consulting service in respect of the foreign investment and be sensitive to the latest policies?
  • Whether the company can provide the full package of service? Such as the company establishment, the change formalities, the M&A, the deregistration, the accounting service, the tax consulting service, the research service, the H.R. consulting and etc?
  • What similar service was provided, especially to the famous client?
  • How many cases will be handled each year? The service category and case study? You can also ask the proposed agent to show you the business license or approval certificate of the similar cases.
  • What the qualification does the consultant have (e.g. the bar, the accountant license, foreign language certificate) and his/her working experience. 

Company size: its location, how many staffs? Its clients, specialists’ number and its reputation among the industry. You can also have a visit to its office and then make the decision.


3.     Service price

You should not judge its price number only but also consider the below points.

The service quality: whether its consultant has the similar working experience? Whether the work is to be handled by specialists? Whether it can show you some proof for the similar cases for working experience? Among which, you should consider the working experience at the first priority because it matter your investment and any mistake may bring you great loss, even much more than the service fees.

The service content: whether the company can provide the full package of service and list it very clearly? You can compare the different proposal from several candidates. 

The company size: to choose a formal company with relevant working experience can let you avoid the possible risk.

The details of the quotation: a consulting company with experience will list very details for its quotation and let you know what its service fee is and what is for the third party and the fee estimate.


Furthermore, the fee charge will not only be closely related to the service content but also related to the service duration.


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