Easier to Set up the Certify Company in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 10:37

An American institution named as Anchor Center For CertificationACCwhich is involving in the certify service recently successfully set up its Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. It took only 15 days to get the business license and they can operate their business in China. It is a great progress and good achievement after the local government took the actions to simplify the registration procedure because in the past it took longer than half a year for a foreign certifying company’s setting up their subsidiary in China and the requirement to the investor is quite critical.


ACC comes from America and is a famous non-profit institution in involving the food certifying area. It tried to expand its business to China but was restricted by the investor’s qualification required by CNCA. However, in Year 2014, Shanghai FTZ issued thirty one favorable policies for expanding the market to the foreign investors and cancelled the requirement on the investor’s qualification for the certifying company and this regulation was later confirmed by CNCA. For the certifying WOFE set up in Shanghai FTZ, there is no longer required to provide (1) ten full time certifying staffs, (2) the written approval from the certifying commission in the original country, and (3) having over three years experience involving in the certifying industry. After then, the company can firstly get the business license and then apply for a certifying license from CNCA.


ACC focuses on the quality and safety for exported food and healthy food, especially for the organic food and the supplementary food. It is now setting up the lab and training center which meets ISO and FDA standard.  Whilst, ACC is also applying for the qualified agent for American Agriculture Department and want to have the ability to test and certify the agriculture products which meet the American Agriculture Standard and that for the Organic Farm. If this qualification is obtained, the cost for Chinese food exportation will be reduced. We may also find that as the food safety is a serious issue in China, the Chinese government encourages more world famous company to enter into the Chinese market and bring their advanced technology on food safety.


The very first step for ACC is let the Chinese food meet the international standard and walking into the international market. However, their final goal is to set up a food safety certifying system in China, even for the whole processing procedures.


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