Shanghai Free Trade Zone is Setting up the Overseas Talent Offshore Innovation and Starting-up Base

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 12:11

Shanghai Free Trade Zone is setting up the “overseas talent offshore innovation and starting-up base” (the “Base”). It is as a main action for the purpose of setting up Shanghai Technology and Innovation Center and to practice a new “offshore” business mode to attract more overseas investment, international talents and saving their starting-up cost.


The Base is located in three areas for multiple purposes. The first one is 4,000 square meters area around Pudong International Talent City in the Zhangjiang Area, focusing on the offshore research and development. In this area, you can also find the comprehensive public administrative function and professional service providers. The second one is 4,000 square meters area around Talent Building in the Bonded Zone, focusing on the offshore trading service. The third one is 20,000 square meters area around Lujiazui Loft, focusing on the combination finance with the technology.


Meanwhile, the government is also designing the online platform. Such platform is composed by website and APP. On this online platform, the latest news and policies will be shared instantly. Further, the overseas companies can also apply for the online application for the offshore incubation, find the matching project, as well as find the online hosting support to the business strat-up. The new “offshore” business mode provides the “overseas incubation” before the foreigner’s formal making the investment. The foreign investors can organize their team, find the suppliers through the online platform before they come to China.


Pudong Government further issued fourteen favorable policies for the international talent in Pudong if they want to living in Shanghai. It will be easier for such international talents to rent the apartments as well to obtain a longer term working visa.


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