The Integration Several Certificates into the Only One

Wednesday, 19 August 2015 19:22

The state authorities issued the written notice at the beginning of August, to its subsidiaries at the municipal level for the working arrangement on the “integration on the three certificates into the only one and make the unique company code”. Shanghai Dongjin is listing the below Q&A for your easy understanding on the detailed arrangement.


Q1: What are the three certificates?

A1: The current organization code certificate and tax registration certificate will be combined with the business license. The company will have a unique code for multiple official functions.


Q2: When it is expected to start its update?

A2: From 1st Oct 2015.


Q3: What should do with the current license?

A3: There will be the transitional period (around 1st Oct to the end of Year 2015). During such period, the company can update the license.


Q4: What convenience will bring to the company registration?

A4: From then on, the company will submit the only one set application materials to the only one registration authority. The registration time will be greatly reduced from 20 working days to 5 working days.


Q5: What will bring to the administration?

A5: The administration system will also be upgraded for the purpose of instant information sharing between the different authorities at different administration level.


Dongjin Comments: the government will simplify the registration procedure and strengthen their post administration on companies’ daily operation and even make more random on-site checking.


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