Recent Instructions for Random Inspection on the Food Safety

Monday, 15 June 2015 18:22

The state food and drug administration issued the work instruction to the local subsidiaries for inspection on the food safety. We should remind the foreign investors who are involving in the selling of food trading/retailing or catering services of the below main points of their actions.


Work Arrangement:

State and provincial FDA are responsible for the random inspection on the giant food producing company with national sales net which are caused high social attention, with high risk and large consuming needs, such as “older infants and young children formula”, “milk and dairy products”, “meat and meat products”, “edible oil”, “alcohol”, “beverage”, “condiment”, and “tealeaf”.

City and county FDA are responsible for the random inspection on the “fresh food as vegetables, fruits and their pesticide residues, livestock and poultry and seafood and their medicine residues” as well as “the local small food processing factory, workshop and restaurant”.


Focus on: the safety standard for the “pesticide or medicine residues”; the “abuse of food additives”; “illegal additives”; “pathogenic bacteria”; “heavy metal”; “polluted matters”


Way of random inspection: the food sample should be purchased on the common market by the quailed inspection agent. The experiment should be made in the qualified food certifying institutions.


Recheck procedure: the company can ask for a recheck if it disagree with the result of the random inspection. The procedure for recheck is much stricter in case playing trick by the company. During the rechecking procedure, the problem food should be still sealed up and the factory to stop the producing.


Liability: the producing company should be responsible for food safety during both sales and producing procedure; for the food trading/retailing company, if it cannot prove the legal resource, it should take all responsibilities. The food producing company should also be responsible for the raw materials. The person-in-charge may also take the criminal liabilities for any serious situation.


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