Good News for Foreigner to Obtain the Permanent Resident Card in China

Friday, 12 June 2015 18:03

The Public Security issued a new requirement for the foreigners’ application for permanent resident in China and it is much easier for the below kinds of talents to obtain a Chinese “green card”. Base on such Chinese permanent resident card, the foreign investor can enjoy the national treatment as a Chinese citizen.


Applicable companies or institutions

  • National laboratory/National key laboratory/ National engineering laboratory/ National engineering research center/ National engineering technology research center;
  • National qualified company technology center;
  • Foreign invested research and development center; 


Qualification for the foreigner

  • Having the title or the higher title as the deputy level, such as deputy professor or deputy researcher or having the equivalent treatment;
  • Continue to take the position for four years;
  • Stay in China for no less than the accumulative three years within the above mentioned four years;
  • Having a good record for tax payment;


Authority: The public security (immigration) bureau at the local city level

Timeline: the authority will approve or disapprove within six months from the application.


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