New Trend for Foreign Invested Trading/Import and Export Service

Wednesday, 03 June 2015 10:05

The central government recently having a meeting to study on the tax reduction, exemption and refund for the import and export of the consuming goods.


  • Reduce the import tariff;
  • From June 1st onwards, the import tariff of some kinds of daily consuming goods (closely related with the daily life) as clothing, footwear, skincare products, diapers will be reduced and the average decline rate will be more than 50%.

  • Adjust the consuming tax for the cosmetics products;
  • Set up Duty Free Shop at the popular port;
  • The product variety for tax-free will be expanded and the quota will be increased. It is much more convenient for the Chinese to purchase the imported goods;

  • Make the regulations on the foreign traveler’s tax refund when they are leaving China;

    Such policies will be good if the foreign investor is or will be involve in the below service;

  • Foreign investor sells their consuming good in China;
  • Foreign investor has their retail store or involves in the catering, entertainment, beauty service;
  • Foreign investor involves in the import service in China;

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