Special License for Foreign Invested Companies Which Moved from Pre-approval List to the Post Approval

Wednesday, 20 May 2015 09:33

As one of the main governmental actions to simplify the registration procedure for foreign investor, the following special license application is moved from pre-approval to post approval (after obtaining the business license and before the actual operation of the company.  





Pre-approval   Post-approval


Local Human Resource and Social Insurance Bureau

Joint Cooperative Schooling License

To set up joint cooperative professional technical training agent


Local Travel Bureau

Travel Agent Service License

To set up foreign invested travel agent

Public Hygiene

Local Hygienic Bureau

Hygienic License

To apply for the public hygienic license

Food and Beverage

Local Food and Drug Administration

Food and Beverage Service License

To apply for the food and beverage license

To apply for the food circulation license

To apply for the food manufacturing license


Local Administrative Bureau of Industry and Commerce

Approval Paper for Advertisement Operation

To set up the branch of a foreign invested advertisement company


Culture Department

Commercial Show License

To set up `Joint Venture/ Joint Cooperative` show agent

To set up `Joint Venture/ Joint Cooperative` show venue operation company


Culture Department

Internet Culture Operation License

Hongkong and Macau service provider to set up the company involving in the venue operation to provide the internet service


Ministry of Industry and Industry Technology

Telecom Business Operation License

To set up foreign invested telecom company


Dongjin comments:

1.     This regulation was issued by State Council and its implementation should be subject to the local regulation.

2.     For some industries (e.g. the certifying, the talent intermediary and etc.), the special license is required before the approval of Ministry of Commerce and the foreign investor should still apply for it at first.


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