New VISA Policy on Short-term Employment for Foreigners Working in China

Wednesday, 22 April 2015 17:49

A new visa policy for short-term employment for foreigners working in China was jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Society, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry of Culture and starts the implementation since Jan 2015. According to this policy, the immigration bureau will further clarify what kind of purpose should apply for what type of visa.


For the entry of foreigners staying in China for no more than 90 days on the following grounds, it will be deemed as the short-term employment for foreigners working in China and the foreigners must apply for the work permit applicable for short-term work and the Z visa:

  • to complete some technology, research, management, guidance or other work at a partner in China;
  • to carry out workouts at a sporting body (including coaches and athletes);
  • to shoot films (including commercials and documentaries);
  • to participate in fashion shows (including car model, print ads, etc.);
  • to engage in foreign commercial performances; and
  • other situations identified by the human resources and social society departments;
  • Foreign arts groups and individuals entering China for short-term commercial performances should hold the approval document and the proof of short-term employment in China issued by the local cultural authorities.

    Foreigners entering China to complete other short-term work assignments should hold the employment permit and proof of employment issued by the human resources and social society departments.


    Further, it is clarified that for the following reasons, it is not considered as the accomplishment of short-term work assignments. Other types of VISA is required to be applied for.

  • to purchase machinery and equipment repair, installation, commissioning, disassembly, guidance and training (M VISA);
  • to carry out guidance, supervision and inspection of projects won in China(M VISA);
  • to be sent to branches, subsidiaries or representative offices in China to complete short-term work(M VISA);
  • to participate in sporting events (including athletes, coaches, doctors, assistants and other related personnel, excluding those entering China with registration cards to participate in competitions with the approval of the Chinese authorizes according to the requirements of international sports organizations) (M VISA);
  • volunteers entering China for work without pay or paid by foreign institutions (F VISA); and
  • absence of the text "foreign commercial performance" indicated in the approval document by the cultural authorities (F VISA),

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