Two companies can share the same registered address in Shanghai

Friday, 27 March 2015 09:09

When the foreign investor sets up a new company, it is always a problem that an independent company address for registration is needed. According to our practice, such registered address should also meet the requirement as follows.

  • it should be an ordinary and independent offices (no less than 20 square meters)
  • with the ownership certificate and the clear property rights
  • the way of the property using mentioned on the ownership certificate should be “the non-residential purpose as the office, business, and comprehensive, industrial”.

The new regulation as “Shanghai Municipality Administrative Measures for Register the Company Address” is effective on 1st March 2015. It means that it is no longer a dream that two companies can share the same registered address in Shanghai.  However, currently there is still some requirements on the address sharing as follows.

1.     Only in the below circumstance, the companies can share the same non-residential address as their company address.

  • Equity investment enterprise and equity investment management enterprises who undertake the management responsibility;
  • There is the investment relationship between the companies and use the same office;

2.     Whether the residential address can be accepted as the company registered address?

  • If it is the urban residential address, its nature of the use of the land should be changed according to the Provisions of Shanghai Municipality on Residential Property Management.
  • If it is the rural residential address, upon the agreement of the interested parties, the village committee can issue a proof. Based on such proof, the nature of the use of the land will not be changed but it can register companies on the rural residential land.
  • Except for the rural residential land, other residential address cannot be registered as the company registered address.

We can find that the government opens the wider door for setting up a company. But the more important thing is that you management your company in a legal way.

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