How to hire a Chinese staff as a foreign company without Rep. Office or company in China?

Monday, 23 March 2015 11:45

Did you or your client ever meet the below problems?

  • As a foreign investor, especial SMEs, in order to hire a full-time local manager to understand and open the Chinese market without Rep. Office or company in China, but there is no Chinese company to hire this local manager;
  • As a foreign supplier, a Chinese local support manager is needed for after-sale service, technical support, trading support, etc.. but there is no Chinese company to hire this local manager;
  • As a foreign investor, during the procedure for closing the Chinese company, the foreign investor still want to hire the last staff for several months to handle some remaining matter after the cleaning of staff;

Shanghai Dongjin has learnt a lot of service request from our overseas clients and now tailor-make a new HR solution for those foreign clients. We will recruit the Chinese staff according to the foreign investor’s special requirement as our staff, but the staff would only follow your work instruction and report to you directly. Further, we would offer all the office facilities, and provide related service. The main function of Representative Office will be realized but with more flexibility and lower cost.

Main Advantages for our NEW HR solution

1.     Realizing main business functions as a Representative Office.

2.     Cost-saving

3.     To be set up and close in a very short time with a service agreement

4.     Easy to convert to FIE

5.     Low risk

What you need to do?

1.     To enters into the service agreement with our company

2.     To appoint or engage us to find out a suitable Chinese staff

3.     To afford the following fees:

  •  Salary of the appointed staff;
  •  Individual income tax, social insurance, and
  •  Management fee and service fee to our company.

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