Have YOU Prepared for the First Examination for the Enterprise Information Publicity?

Monday, 16 March 2015 11:31

According to “Interim Regulations on Enterprise Information Publicity” and other relevant regulations, the company should submit the annual report of Year 2013 and make the information publicity before 30th June 2015. Further, the annual report of Year 2014 should also be submitted and publicized before 30th June 2015. As the first examination after this regulation has been implemented, what should the companies do?  

The enterprise information publicity is the significant action for the central government’s starting the enterprise credit system and it is related to the credit of the company in the market. If some companies are still not aware of its importance and thought it is not a necessary register it or just to do it as they did for the former annual inspection, the bad result will be caused in the near future.

If the company did not make the enterprise publicity in time or publicize the wrong information, it will be put on the “black list”. It will affect the company when they are handling the following matters: to enter into the business contract, to hire the staff, to make the loan from the bank, to make the custom clearance, the entry or exit China for a foreign staff, to apply for the favorable policy, to apply for the tax exemption and deduction, to invite to or submit of the tender, to governmental purchase and to give the prize or honor. Furthermore, it will cause the bad record on the main responsible person.

We learnt the feedback from our various clients and found their main difficulties are as follows.

  • There are many subsidiaries and branches in the Group which are all over the China;
  • The different department(s) (e.g. the legal department, the financial department, the HR department, the IT department, the business department, the IPR department, the marketing department) in the Company keeps the licenses respectively and has only part of the information to be publicized. It is hard to systematically arrange the work;
  • The relevant person is lacking of experience. He/she does not fully understand the detailed requirements and even submit the wrong information at the negligence;
  • Other potential risk and issued not to be found by the company itself;

Shanghai Dongjin fully understands the difficulties of the enterprises. Based on our over fifteen years professional and comprehensive foreign investment consulting experience as well as the wild net all over the China, we tailor made a proposal for your outsourcing this part of the service and will do as follows.

  • To visit your company for the “body check” and make a company list for enterprise information publicity;
  • To further clarity the content for enterprise information publicity of each company or branch, especially for the special information to be aware of ;
  • To make a reminder to relevant person and company on every fifteen-day basis for collecting, filing, checking, and uploading the information to be publicized. Especially for those big companies, Shanghai Dongjin can coordinate between different departments and arrange the information collection and checking.
  • Assist the company to face the onsite checking by government or claim by the public.

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